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Why Practise Yoga?

What are the benefits of practising yoga?
Practising yoga regularly has many benefits leading to an improved sense of mental and physical well-being. In particular:


Practising postures – know as asana - helps us to become flexible and strong. Asana will also keep the joints lubricated helping to maintain their mobility. As the exercises are weight bearing, asana help maintain bone density helping to combat osteoporosis. Practise can stimulate many of the bodies systems so can improve digestion, elimination and circulation.

Yoga, at its essence, is a practice of energy - of creating space inside the body for prana to be cultivated, moved and transformed for optimal health, well-being, connectiopn and ease. To be able to create space requires balance - balance fo joint stability and mobility; balance of muscle contraction and relaxationl balance of movement between the limbs and the roso; and balance of the physical asana practice with the other seven limbs of yoga.

Susi Hately

Benefits of Yoga  #01

Deep Relaxation

Deep relaxation quietens the mind, slows the pulse and allows for rejuvenation of the body and mind.


Meditation leads to feelings of tranquillity and serenity that can be carried into all aspects of our lives. Meditation helps us to bring clarity.

Breathing Practises

Breathing practises known as pranayama help to increase lung capacity allowing more oxygen into the whole body. Breathing practises also work to calm emotions and lower stress levels.

Breathing control gives man strength, vitality, inspiration and magic powers.

Chaunge Tzu

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